School Disciplinary Hearings

Emert |Thompson, LLLP regularly advises clients and represents  students at school disciplinary hearings. The penalties and outcomes of these hearings may result in a child returning to school, short to long term suspension and even expulsion from the school system.

Due to federal and state guidelines, public/government schools have very strict rules for students. This firm has successfully defended students (including gifted and honor students) accused of carrying weapons, possessing or soliciting drugs, battery (fighting), unexcused absences, gang activity and other violations of school rules.

School disciplinary hearings have two phases. The first phases focuses on whether or not the student committed a violation of the school rule(s) (Codes of Conduct). Usually a school resource/police officer, principal or vice-principal, administrator, teachers and other witnesses will testify. They may be cross-examined. A student may also testify and bring his or her own witnesses. Parents or guardians should be present with their child/student and may also ask questions. The second phase consists of the penalty stage if the panel/hearing officer determines a violation or misconduct has occurred.  This is where the student’s attorney, parent or child may offer evidence in mitigation of their case.

Do not take the chance of trying to represent your son or daughter yourself in front of a school disciplinary hearing panel/officer. Contact experienced attorneys who know the school disciplinary hearing rules and know how to cross-examine witnesses, faculty and school resource / police officers.

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